2023-09-18 Update: PubHubs Moderation Tools

Last week

  • I officially received confirmation of funding. (Thank you, PubHubs team and Dutch government open-source funding team.)
  • I re-joined the project team after a summer break, having previously joined them as a volunteer, and joined a general meeting and a technical meeting.
  • I posted a short announcement/introduction on my blog.
  • I updated and re-started my own test-bed installation of Pubhubs components.
  • I made some progress on my Ansible installation scripting of Pubhubs components.
  • I joined the new pubhubs-hosted project discussion room, in a "stable test hub", which we would like to use instead of Slack, both for reasons of living our values and to "eat our own dog food".
  • In our pubhubs dev room, we discussed implementing email notifications using Synapse's built-in support, which would be very useful for us maintining a long-term conversation in the room; and we discussed briefly some privacy implications if we wanted to offer follow-up notifications by email, or in other ways, to users who would like to remain pseudonymous.

This Week

  • Get some part of my Ansible deployment tested and published?
  • Start self-hosting Draupnir (on a normal matrix server) to get experience of deploying and using it.

Tech note: Dependency Updates

Updates needed, since around June/July.

  • dependencies: NodeJS and NPM: update to later than Node 12 (which was installed via Debian 11 packages). I now install via Ansible role geerlingguy.nodejs, which in turn uses the nodesource.com APT repo, and currently defaults to Node 16.
  • dependencies: add package libssl-dev, required by Cargo openssl-sys package dependency (error was failed to run custom build command for openssl-sys v0.9.60).

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