POSSE: TWIM: Moderator Tools for PubHubs

This is my POSSE copy of the announcement posted in This Week in Matrix (TWIM) 2024-03-29.

This Week in Matrix 2024-03-29

Dept of Interesting Projects

Moderator Tools for PubHubs

JulianF announces

This week I have put up a web site documenting my work on Moderator Tools for PubHubs.

PubHubs is a Dutch research project to enable citizen-facing organisations to provide online group communications, value-aligned with their real-world presence. It uses matrix protocol, combined with an interesting and different user identity model involving pseudonyms and selective cryptographic disclosure of identity attributes such as "is over 18" or "is a member of organisation X". Each hub is built around a non-federating Synapse server, with their own identity plugins and custom client.

I have been working on three aspects of introducing initial moderation tooling. Some of it crosses over with general matrix (this week's Pantalaimon role is a side product of the Draupnir part), while some is different (Attribute Disclosure), and the third part is general (research and planning for Civilised Discourse).

My funded stint is coming to an end and I am looking for ways to continue in any related area of work -- please matrix me @julian:foad.me.uk!

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