PubHubs Moderation update 2023-12

Last week I began making this primitive Draupnir (moderation bot) UI, in my PubHubs work.

The "Moderation view" column on the left is my new bit. The right hand side is a regular matrix timeline, showing some interaction in the Draupnir bot's management room.

Draupnir is built to be operated by sending commands like !draupnir rooms in its management room, and reading its responses in the room timeline. That's a universal way of interacting with a bot, but it's not very friendly to a new moderator.

So we want some sort of UI that's more friendly.

This first attempt captures the various HTML response messages from the Draupnir status-getting commands. It shows the same displays as we can see in the timeline, only in a place where they don't scroll away and we can hide and reveal each one separately.

Updating this view is inefficient of course. When it sees any message from the Draupnir bot in the management room, it updates the corresponding view section (based on text substring matches, ugh). If you click the "refresh" button, it sends all the status-getting commands, so that the responses will (soon) come back and update the view.

Probably neither PubHubs nor Draupnir wants to continue it in this direction but anyway it's something where there was AFAIK nothing. Nevertheless, if anyone's interested, it's open-source.

I'm not sure what direction best to take the desire for a GUI. I'm going to take a break from that until a better plan emerges.

I think, more than the technical issues in getting such a view updated and displayed nicely, a bigger issue is it feels unfocused. Rather than a GUI that just has the ability to display all the possible info, it feels like we would want a GUI that focuses on specific scenarios, bringing together all the required info and control for, for example, managing a spam attack, or managing a user who violates CoC but has previously been in good standing.

I don't have the UI design skills nor motivation nor funding to go into a big UX design, although I'll enquire into it a bit.

What Next?

Now I'm going to build a PubHubs-specific feature, the ability to ask a user (who initially has a pseudonymous mxid) to reveal an attribute of their real identity, from the IRMA/Yivi verified credentials system, to the moderator. I don't yet know if or how much Draupnir might be involved in that.

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